We are TRADEMARK & BRAND experts.

Trademark Ventures International is a dynamic firm specialising
in a range of BRAND PROTECTION services.

We believe that BRANDS are the greatest ASSET in business!

We are trademark EXPERTS with over 20 years of experience.

We FILE trademarks in AUSTRALIA and specialise in overcoming adverse examinations.

We FILE trademark applications WORLDWIDE in over 150 countries.

We MONITOR brands in the leading marketplaces and social media platforms using AI technology.

We provide COUNSEL advice, strategy and support to all businesses to ensure the brand adds value to the company, whether starting, scaling or selling. 

We SELL ready to go trademarks to empower and add value to businesses.

We always welcome NEW CLIENTS.

Trademark Ventures International assists entrepreneurs and companies by servicing in ALL MATTERS TRADEMARKS.

Trademark Ventures International is owned by Brian Goldberg who has been operating in the Intellectual Property industry for over 15 years. Brain is a professional Trademark Attorney and has worked with many entrepreneurs, local businesses and international companies in relation to protecting and more recently, trading IP rights.

“I have a deep understanding of the value of Intellectual Property Rights and always enjoy knowing that the companies buying the trademarks, patents and IP rights immediately add value to their business worth.” – Brian Goldberg

About Intellectual Property


Instantly own a registered brand. Buy one of our trademarks being offered, secure your branding and focus on the business growth.

Domain Names

Domain names can be of great value, yet finding a good URL is often impossible and full of compromise. Domain names are usually the first thing needed when starting a new business, launching a marketing campaign and seeking online attention. Purchasing our exciting DOMAIN names can provide your company with that winning online business.  

Patents / Designs / Copyright

Patents are of high value and importance in business dealings. Patents often take years to become secure and we carefully sourced and now offer highly valuable patents. Add significant value to your company with our available patents.

Design Rights & Copyright Works 

Design rights and Copyright works are important intangible assets and are considered highly valuable. In fact, some copyright works are worth millions of dollars and last for many years, making owning them critical in business success. 

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