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Trademark Ventures International is owned by Brian Goldberg who has been operating in the Intellectual Property industry for 20 years. Brian is a professional Trademark Attorney and has worked with many entrepreneurs, start-ups, businesses and international companies in relation to protecting trademark rights.

“Often the first step in starting a new business, building a new tech or creating a new product, is creating a BRAND. I embrace the challenge to then protect these brands via trademark prosecution in Australia and all countries. As business has become DIGITAL, protecting brands has become more critical for business success.”
– Brian Goldberg

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Trademarks Australia

Our trademarks service protects new and exciting brand names for the global market. Protecting your brand name from the start is critical.

We are an ideal resource for companies and marketers developing new names for products, services, websites, apps, and re-branding. We are professional Trademark Attorneys with years of domestic and international experience. We protect ALL types of trademarks. So whether your brand has a name, logo, slogan, etc, and you want it protected that’s what we do.

Our trademark services are a ‘fast and a cost effective’ approach to protecting your valuable brands. Brian Goldberg is a Member of The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA), which is the peak professional body.

Trademarks International

It is a DIGITAL WORLD! The international marketplace is connected, active and now more accessible to Australian brands and companies than ever before.

When you have your brand online or being exported, it is exposed to the international marketplace and potentially the wrong people. We take a proactive approach and seek your trademark rights in your targeted international markets. Trade IP Ventures has a strong alliance with international trademark attorneys in practically every country.

Based on our current trends the most popular countries to seek to protect your trademarks include USA, UK, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea and India. Each country has their own unique trademark focus and so we strongly suggest starting the international trademark process early in your brands growth.

If you are wanting to protect your brand internationally, we are always willing to offer you an obligation free quote as a guide.


Trademark Ventures International supports investors, innovators, technology companies and start-ups via our dynamic Trademark advisory services.


Trademark Counsel is our personalized strategic service that supports investors, innovators, technology companies and start-ups via our dynamicTrademark advisory services.

Our focus is advising, consulting and strategizing on specific brand protection matters. We work thoroughly with each client to shape and enhance their brand value, limiting risk and developing a portfolio of trademark assets.

If you are a creative or graphic designer, Trademark.Ventures is able to counsel you in ensuring your brand creations do not infringe on others and have the best opportunity for registration.

So whether you are a Start-Up, branded business or selling branded products, it is important that before spending significant finances on marketing and promotional activities that you take the necessary steps to safeguard your brands.

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Trending countries for Brand Protection are:
USA, UK, Europe, New Zealand, Canada & India

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